03. December 2018
Essem Design makes artisanal hallway interiors. The Classic shoe rack is a design from Gunnar Bolin who made it in the 50s. The Classic shoe rack still is one of the most sold products at Essem.

20. November 2018
After the launch of EFG Mingle last year, the Mingle sofa range has been extended with a wood base variant. For more information, please contact us at info@hippoffice.be or by calling +32 11 96 41 44

29. October 2018
According to the Leesman index, the Coca-Cola European partners office in Sweden is the best office in the world!

02. October 2018
Savo Soul, the intuitive office chair, now availble for testing in Belgium and Luxemburg. www.savo.com

26. September 2018
Minimalisten hat rack by Essem Design

24. September 2018
EFG large variety of table tops and frames to combine

11. September 2018
Essem Design, artisanal hallway accessories from Sweden.

01. August 2018
We have different days. We do different things. In different places, but we are still one. Just like EFG Archie, designed by Carl Öjerstam.

11. July 2018
Savo Joi, active stool to avoid static behaviour

30. May 2018
download the free EFG acoustics guide here and get informed about office acoustics.

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