SAVO 360
11. February 2021
We believe in putting people first – intuitive and innovative design. User-friendliness, quality and ergonomics that goes beyond is our result. We provide the best seating experience all day. Every day. That is our promise to you.
MUDU by Jot.Jot
08. January 2021
MUDU – it‘s about two of us – me and my reflection.

17. December 2020
Pholc Bounce at restaurant SULT in Copenhagen.
09. December 2020
What's a crumb gap?

18. September 2020
Wall pocket, the new storage solution from Essem Design.
17. August 2020
Today we are proud to announce EVO, the new launge chair from EFG

14. July 2020
Later this summer we’ll be launching an entirely new product that’s easy to fall in love with. Get ready for Evo!
22. June 2020
check out the brand new EFG website and discover everything about their sustainable design since 1885.

08. June 2020
Vetrospace, the Finish specialist for acoustic pods, launches his new series of virusfree work and meeting spaces.
11. May 2020
hippOffice on Made in Vlaams-Brabant with Vetrospace self disinfecting pods for offices and hospitals

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