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The Pholc vision is the creation of lighting where the starting point is classic Scandinavian design sensibilities, blended with contemporary touch points.
A melting pot of the unique and the regular; of materials and detailing; where design means quality and aesthetics have longevity and relevance.

Pholc curates and collaborates with talented designers whose work carries a clarity of expression. Individuals who have the courage and skill to create unique statements, and care deeply for the details. They design for the future.
And together we encounter new trajectories for Pholc and for you.

jot.jot is a venture of a professional who founded the company with a clear desire to rally the outstanding and the ingenious – ideas and designers. And the result of his endeavor is precisely just that. Circulation of quality interior items for the contemporary design solutions. www.jotjot.com

Hello  The hallway is the room that says “hello” and “goodbye”. It welcomes you in and it invites you back. It is not just a functional room, but also a space that can make an impression. Many people even regard it as the most important room in a home — the place that raises expectations of what is to come. Others see it merely as a functional passage. At Essem Design we consider both aspects — we believe that function and character are equally important when it comes to interiors. Our product range takes in both functional hat racks from the 1930s and distinctive hooks from the most prominent designers of today. At Essem Design we believe that the best way of caring for our environment is to create products that are designed and made to last. We believe in sustainability throughout the process, from design to delivery and warranty.   Goodbye      www.essem.se